Centralhof Lengerich – Let the music hug you!   
      A red-bricked village inn from the outside –
but inside a beautiful dance hall welcomes you:
More than 200 square metres of sprung parquet floor
which is kind to the dancer’s ankles, pleasant room
acoustics and a video screen for title display.

600m to the station / 800m to the Hermannsweg /
Enough parking spaces near the dance hall.
My dream: Weekend milongas with overnight stay
(e.g. rustic with sleeping mat in the hall) and breakfast.
There are also cheap hotels and guesthouses in town.
What should convince the “sophisticated” dance audience:
– My Tannoy sound system suitable for classical music.
– Reliably good music selection, focus on 30s to
   50s provided in outstanding sound quality.
– A parquet floor specially laid for dancers.
Crown XLi 2500 | Tannoy V8 on high stands | Musical Fidelity V-DAC II

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    Nice! And when do these events take place?
    I would like to join a Milonga if possible.

    Best wishes to you and your dreams to come true, Peter!
    Looking forward to it,


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