Tango DJ Top 1000 – Tango | Vals | Milonga


Someone who has never been involved with Tango Argentino before will find an easy introduction to traditional dance music and the most important dance orchestras. Tango - Djs can use the recommendations as a selection tool. This selection of the best traditional tangos reflects one aspect of the theme Tango - djing. It helps the Tango Dj to create a playlist or database. The equipment and software that a Tango Dj uses are other aspects, as are the room acoustics.

A selection. | For dancing.


Tango music at its best!

A best-of of the most successful traditional Tango orchestras
with their most popular tangos, valses and milongas for demanding dancers –
with listen-in opportunity, not only for Tango DJs and lovers of Tango music!


Current recommendation for Tango at home

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