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Someone who has never been involved with Tango Argentino before will find an easy introduction to traditional dance music and the most important dance orchestras. Tango - Djs can use the recommendations as a selection tool. This selection of the best traditional tangos reflects one aspect of the theme Tango - djing. It helps the Tango Dj to create a playlist or database. The equipment and software that a Tango Dj uses are other aspects, as are the room acoustics.

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A best-of of the most successful traditional Tango orchestras
with their most popular tangos, valses and milongas for demanding dancers –
with listen-in opportunity, not only for Tango DJs and lovers of Tango music!

Maskentango - Maskenpflicht für Milongas

Tango FFP2 – Mask duty for milongas

What is so terrible about dancing with a filter mask?

I feel excluded from tango events as a member of a corona risk group
and therefore support the introduction of a mask duty for milongas.
Masks could make known familiar milongas – with all their (partner) exchanges,
touch, breathe and feel, merge, let yourself go (by the music) – possible again.

In combination with other measures (quick tests, ventilation management) masks would help,
to minimise the distance and also to change partners again.
If this is only possible with a mask, then so be it. What remains for us is to make the best of it.
However, if you practice tango as a sport, you could get breathing problems. Besides, milongas would
about 3 Euro more expensive, because the organisers should hand over the FFP2 masks at the entrance.


Tango FFP2

This could be the future of milongas. We can get used to masks like to sweaty jackets and tight belts.
Or higheels that ruin your feet… A mask is healthier and less restrictive. It would be a pity if compulsory masks
would put dancers off. Because first of all, this might be a possibility, to organise normal milongas again,
and secondly, we will just as quickly get used to the smoking ban back then…

But the biggest problem seems to me
lack of understanding of the fact
that we have no other choice at the moment:
No mask, no real milonga…




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