Tango DJ Top 1000 – Tango | Vals | Milonga

A selection. | For dancing.

Tango music at its best!

The most successful traditional Tango orchestras with their most popular tangos,
valses and milongas for demanding dancers – with free listen-in opportunity –
A collection of treasures for Tango DJs and lovers of Tango music

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In this compilation of the best 1000 tangos for traditionally oriented dancers flow the experience
of more than 20 years as a DJ, the countless impressions as a tango dancer and teacher,
as well as the fruits of many years of international exchange among colleagues.
It offers a comprehensive overview of the most important Orchestras
and through the sortable lists, a useful tool for tango lovers and “dance floor managers”.

The “absolute” best tangos do not exist, of course; fortunately, they are a matter of taste.
Therefore the Top 1000 are also an expression of my preferences and selection criteria, where
diversity, variety and sound quality are decisive.
Of course, this selection also offers an insight into my traditional portfolio.
Why a thousand?
Osvaldo Natucci gave me the idea with his series “La fiesta del 40”,
and a thousand is an easy number to remember, which sounds good…
About 900 are “eternal hits” – about the remaining 100 I like to discuss and let
to be taught again and again of a better music. Roughly estimated about 2000
titles from the time between 1927 and the middle of the 50s are well danceable and “milongable”.
You can’t go wrong with my selection, at least with the conservative audience.
One problem is the greatly diminished commercial importance of tango music.
When the tango wave of the 90’s began to wane in the mid zero’s,
many important producers of tango cds disappeared from the market, especially painful was
the end of EMI Reliquias, EU Records, Altaya and other labels specializing in tango music.

This means that many titles are simply not available anymore, or only
traded on special platforms like Mercadolibre at corresponding prices.
Let’s hope that companies like Tangotunes will stay alive and
maybe still be able to dig up some nice old treasures and bring them to the public.