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Maskentango - Maskenpflicht für Milongas

Tango FFP2 – Mask duty for milonga

Tango and Covid-19 – it will not work without a mask

State of the art medicine, besides the known distance and hygiene rules:

– suitable FFP2 masks offer, compared to so-called everyday masks
a significantly improved protective effect and are the means of choice.
– suitable air exchange and filter systems reduce the virus load
considerable and are standard for the interior of events.

We are afraid of an infection and I have been living in almost quarantine
for months, fortunately very close to nature. But we still want real tango.
Anyway, one thing is certain:
The tango mask will be the norm in the foreseeable extent of pandemia.
The mask prevents the so-called social distancing
and can provide a largely familiar tango feeling.
Physical distancing:
Living responsibility and solidarity – for the price of a partial veiling of the face.

At this point there is no more space for discussion for us:
When it comes to taking responsibility!
Health and life are threatened, so we will do everything,
to protect us and the people we love.
And in case of doubt rather exaggerated than too carefree.
Responsibility shows itself exactly there.

And then: Mask Milongas for insightful dancers
will find their audience, beautiful masks as well…




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